Registrations are now OPEN.

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Brasileiros morando no país, membros da APAL e da ABP use este link (preços especiais).

If you have any questions send us an email!


Until 1stDecember

Late Fee

After December 1st (& on site)

IFPE-member from country list¹ 500 570
IFPE-member NOT from country list¹* (developing countries) 400 470
IFPE-member retired professionals¹ 300 370
Non-member from country list 550 620
Non-member NOT from country list(developing countries) 450 570
Non-member retired professionals 400 470
Trainees/Graduate full-time students²’³ 400 470
Congress dinner 80

Para brasileiros, membros da ABP ou da APAL

PREÇOS EM REAIS Inscrição Antecipada

Até 1Dezembro

Inscrição tardia

Depois de 1o de dezembro (& no local)

Membros do IFPE, da ABP e da APAL R$ 820 R$ 1440
Não membros R$ 1200 R$ 1900

¹ IFPE members are entitled to reduced fee. Please only use this option if you are a member of IFPE and have paid your membership fee. If in doubt, please contact the IFPE treasurer

² Registrations will be effective only after proper status check. Please provide the according documents by sending them to

³ The category “trainee and full time student” is applicable for full time students not yet holding a PhD degree.

* Every participant at the conference who is resident of a country NOT on the country list is entitled to reduced fee (according to the table above). No application needed for this option.

Invited plenary speakers and concurrent session participants will have some of their expenses covered by personal agreement.